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SpaceFrames & Spacetruss

Spaceframes are three dimensional arrays of elements which is very attractive, eye catching and structurally sound to resist the loads applied at any point in any direction. Spaceframe have a built in reserve strength enabling the structure to take local overloading. Due to the inherent stiffness of spaceframes, their deflection is considerably less. Long cantilevers are made possible increasing roof area even with smaller ground area for columns.There is virtually no limit to the shapes and spans that are possible. Spaceframe provides an architecturally pleasing appearance and they can be easily installed and dismantled.

Sports facilities, exhibition centres, passenger terminals, malls, assembly areas, production facilities and many other buildings require distinctive structures to cover great expanses of space free of intermediate supports. Spaceframes designed by us are either ball jointed or with discross nodes. Pipes, balls, cones and collars will be powder-coated or painted as per the site conditions. Following load parameters are taken into consideration while designing using STADD Pro

  Dead load   - 25 kg/sq.m
  Live load   - 75 kg/sq.m
  Wind load   - As per IS 875
  Seismic load   - As per IS 1893

Spacetruss is basically a 2 Dimensional structure capable of handling long span.It is made of square,rectangular or circular tubular sections.Columns can also be made out of steel tubular sections,I Sections of Channels.Purlins are used to support the roofing sheets and ensure that profile of the sheet remains stable.Fabrication of space truss can either be done at site of at the workshop.Spans upto 100 feet are made possible using this type of structures.

Shapes commonly used in Space truss are

  1. Arch or Barrel Vault 
  2. A type 
  3. Lean to or Flat

We can also cater to the specific needs of the client by providing the shapes which they prefer or depending upon how it blends with the surroundings

Advantages :

  • Light in weight
  • Ease of design,fabrication and erection
  • Turnkey projects can be completed in short span of time
  • Cost economical as compared to any other conventional or modern structures
  • Aesthetically appealing,allow flexibility in design
  • Large Spans/Pillar free structures are possible
Our Projects

Our Projects


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