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Skylights are made of polycarbonate sheets which are commonly called transparent steel due to their impact resistance and glass like clarity. Its advanced energy efficient technology transfers maximum amount of sunlight and minimum of heat from the rooftop to your interior for the brightest natural light.

Skylights are a perfectly ideal medium for roofing, pathways, shopping arcades, canopies, greenhouses, industrial glazing etc because of its combined mechanical, optical, thermal properties offered separately by metals, glass and other plastics. Due to their high impact strength and UV properties, skylights are very durable and long lasting. Skylight is a combination of mild steel rectangular or square tubular sections known as purlins over which polycarbonate multiwall sheets of 4 mm ,6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm or compact sheets of 2mm , 3 mm and 4 mm are fixed. Sheets are not directly screwed to the purlins, instead they are connected by using aluminium extrusions, rubber beadings and silicon sealants.

Skylights glazing options include shape alternatives such as domed, pyramidal and square to round, round, hexagonal and triangular. Skylights are available in clear, tint or opal hi impact acrylic or polycarbonate. Flat glazing in laminated safety glass, double-glazing or twin wall polycarbonate is also available.

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